Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh Dear Me

I've switched to Blogger Beta, downloaded Google's software pack (Firefox is really awesome), and somehow managed to delete a pretty major portion of my 15 year old's photos. They were in my Picasa file and I thought I was just removing them from my file, and not the hard drive itself. Ooopsie. My bad (as she might say). I have not yet broken the news to her, think I will wait until after church before I say anything.

Now I see that I can customize the template and change colors all around to suit my current fancy but I am afraid to do anything more!

I was feeling rather proud of myself but now my old photography teacher's words are ringing in my ears -- Technologically challenged.


  1. Beta is really cool, once you really mess around with it some. Sorry to hear about losing your daughter's photos -- makes me think that I need to back mine up!

  2. oops....

    I have held off for a while. Guess I need to make the change, too. The older I get, the more I find myself reluctant to risk upgrading to something that doesn't work quite as well. Your post encouraged me....sorry about the photo loss, though..

  3. Linda I've had an external hard drive sitting here for several months and finally got it installed this past weekend, and got all my photos and poems and such on it. Backing up is one of those things we all know we should do, but we tend to put it off.

    Beth Switching really wasn't so bad, now that it is done. But like you, I tend to be reluctant to upgrade, mainly because it means I have to start learning new ways of doing things. I still can't believe the photos are gone...but they are.

  4. Any problems with your archives? Lost any posts or comments or that sort of thing?

    I'm really glad you switched. I am going to "watch this space" for a while before I try it.

  5. Rach I just now noticed that my blogroll list has disappear. . .aww, nevermind, it just popped up. Must have been slow to load up.

    I don't think I've lost any archives or anything (knock on wood!). That was one of my issues with switching, the fear that I would lose a bunch of stuff.

  6. Oh boy, it's me and I have my computer back.....not sure if that's a good thing. I am the Queen of the technologically impaired and you can be my second in command, you are far more adept than I am. Cool piccie. I run the risk of being redundant, but I hate computers. Firefox here I come!

  7. Beta is pretty decent,just takes time to get used to I suppose.

  8. AyekahOk, you can be the Queen!

    Steve I think you are right.


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