Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Walking into our room for the first time, we were already a bit apprehensive about sailing on the open sea. It did not exactly inspire my greatest confidence to see these two life vests on the bed.
One might say I was immediately inspired to hide my eyes and pray (or to run back to the gangplank, wherever it was, and demand to be released immediately back to firm ground)! They had a different towel creature every night. The bunny and the monkey were my favorites.
In the end, we managed to get our life vests on and make our way down for the muster drill, where they explain exactly what to do in case of a real emergency. It was required by international maritime law that all passengers attend this drill. I think they call it a muster drill because you have to muster up the courage to go out in public wearing that ridiculous looking puffy orange vest.

Don't we look lovely? Kind of like a modern version of that old painting, American Gothic??

(My computer is still not acting exactly right. It took forever to post these photos. In fact, I got two of them posted and had to try for several days before I could get the others to post. I am getting ready to make the switch to the Beta Blogger thing and in the process, I may upload the whole Google software package so that I can use Picasa to upload my photos.)


  1. HA! Those are great pictures! That one towel creature would have scared me to death, I am sure of it! Inventive, but scary!

  2. Oh, what a great idea - American Gothic Cruise Ship Puffy Orange Vest People. I love that picture, and I applaud your courage!

    I did not realize that such things could be done with towels, so I have learned a new thing this evening...

    I'm still so glad you had fun!

  3. :-) Love the towel creatures, but not near as much as the lifevest creatures!

  4. I like the ? bunny......the monkey is a bit weird, I would have to dismantle him before I went to bed at night. I think you could have a great time putting your gothic in photoshop and having fun with that one!! Nonetheless it looks great!!

  5. HA! -- I wondered why my hubby so quickly took the hanging monkey down that night -- it must have freaked him a little too! Odd sort that I am, I loved it and would have left him hanging there for a night or two.

    Hmmm, there just might be a possibility of creating something interesting in Photoshop featuring the American Gothic Cruise Ship Puffy Orange Vest People (with towel monkey thrown in too?)

  6. The towel creatures are great fun but the picture of you in the life vest is what got me giggling. :-)

  7. ~laffin~ Now I know why I can never take a cruise. Me and the *girls* would have that life vest up around my eyeballs!

    I love the towel creatures!

  8. The monkey is definitely a bit freaky.

    I'm glad to know you are going to try beta. I'm dying to try it.


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