Monday, May 28, 2007

Not Exactly What We Wanted

And not a fun way to begin the summer season.

First we received word surreptitiously from my son that he had been injured on the job by a piece of falling lumber. He said he was okay but he had to have three staples put into his head. We saw him this weekend for the workshop (not for an official visit, they are still on "tight house") we have been attending so we know he is all right.

On Friday evening, my youngest somehow managed to step/fall into a swimming pool drain hole. Her softball team had gotten together for an after-game swim. Somewhere around 1:20 a.m. we came home from the emergency room with a total of twenty-one stitches in the shin of her leg, seven on the inside that will go away and fourteen on the outside that will have to be removed. She has to walk on crutches, the doctor is afraid the inside stitches may pull loose. The cut was so jagged that it was hard to stitch things back together. I was amazed that he was able to put it back together. It looked like something had taken a bite out of her leg. There are pictures of the wound before it was stitched but I don't have access to any of them (and it was a rather gross sight). When we got her walked out to the car to take her to the emergency room and she caught her breath, she had to survey the damage. When she saw it, she asked her friends to get pictures.

I spent this afternoon transferring photos over to an exterior hard drive and deleting them off my computer to try and clear some memory on the main drive. Somewhere along the line, I "lost" my external hard drive with all my photos on it. Talk about a panicked feeling! My nephew came to my rescue when I called him nearly in tears over the problem.

I suppose we will all survive our little mishaps.

The good news is, she did not break a bone. And my son seems to be hanging on quite well in spite of the dadburn "tight house" situation, though Mama is getting a bit tired of all that. She wants to visit her son!


  1. EEEEW! But, cool!

    Gosh, y'all are certainly having more than your share of fun these days. (So what does this do to her softball season?)

    Here's hoping things losen up at the house, soon.

  2. When it rains, it....Sounds like your summer is, indeed, getting off to an edgy start. Here's to believing it doesn't include any more storms passing through. Five days of school left here and I'm counting down each one of them...

  3. Well, you've just gotten all the "schtuff" over with early so you can now go on and have a great summer! ;-)

  4. Ouch! In more ways than one.

  5. Jules I have three children and this injury topped all others by a landslide.

    Rach It was pretty cool (though scary too). Softball is far sure out until the stitches are removed (June 9th).

    Jim She has three more finals to complete. And yes, hopefully this will be the worst of the summertime injuries.

    Linda Yes, hooray to getting the bad stuff out of the way early!

    Patti Yep, ouch! But all injuries are getting better and that is good news.

  6. I feel the urge to decorate her wound like I did yours!! Let me save that photo to my file!!

  7. I am glad she is alright! And your son, too!
    She sounds like a real trooper, though!

  8. Ow! Prayers for good recovery all around the family...


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