Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This one has something to do with the fact that I have been told all my life that God is a God of order, implying that he will not show up if there is not an orderly place for him. It's harder to see God in the messy places, especially if he does not run around putting things in order, but instead, just sits quietly with the one whose pearls are all over the floor.


  1. Love this!!!!

    What a gorgeous photograph. And a gorgeous thought, as well. This is wonderful. I don't really like the idea of God running around trying to put things in order, either.


  2. One of your most beautiful pieces ~applaudes~


  3. What a wonderful photo and a wonderful thought! I need to remember this...

  4. My pearls are all over the floor, rolling out the door, and all over the yard, too.

  5. Well done, Annie, well done! What a image.
    But after I read I got to thinking, while yes, God is a God of order, I think it is He who does the reordering. Cleaner upper of messes, so to speak.
    And He's been very busy round my place here.
    And that's all I'm sayin'...

  6. I, too, find God "a God of order", but more in the sense of His putting the pieces back together once we have made a mess of the web. Great picture, ma'am, and great thoughts to go with it....

  7. I love this picture and the idea behind it - God loves us where we are, and yeah picks up pearls WITH us.

    Thank you for this sweet thought

  8. at the moment most of my (sit down and say something) prayers tend to start with "It's hard to see you in the chaos, but you are very welcome here!"


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