Saturday, May 19, 2007

Seven Things to Make One Say "Hmmm"

Linda tagged me one day last week to list seven little known or odd facts about me. I can’t remember where I came across Linda’s presence (Gluebooks? Or Everydaymatters?) but I know we have been reading each other’s blogs for a while. It’s been fun watching her art evolve.

I’ve been thinking for several days now and though I am very well aware that I am weird, and sometimes guarded, and therefore, there must be something I can list, I have a hard time coming up with specific odd or little known facts!

Here they are...

1. Can you believe I am the type of person who will wait patiently for two weeks for an appointment with the gynecologist (she wants to discuss the results face to face, in her office) to hear test results (irregular Pap smear, nothing too major, as far as I can tell now), get to the office to find the doctor is not in, and say yes when asked if I’d be willing to let the nurse-practitioner talk to me instead, only to have her tell me the test was unreadable and then, when I asked what exactly might I be facing, to tell me they would let me know when to start worrying…can you believe I am the type person who would walk out of that office with nary a word of complaint about having to leave work for a useless appointment (and no doubt being charged for the useless visit) and that I would not think a thing of that woman telling me they would tell me when to start worrying? Oh yeah, that is the type of person I am. But I have slept since then.

For one thing, I think I should start worrying when I discover I go to a doctor’s office where they don’t even have sense enough, or time enough, or courtesy enough to call their patient and tell them there is no use in coming for the appointment we have scheduled because there are no test results to discuss.

I will have a few things to say when I return.

2. An amazing sight I saw (and dang, I wish I’d had my camera!) this past week: We were in the line at McDonald’s after dark one night (after a softball game) and we looked over at the fenced in area where they put their trash (the gate was open) and there were three raccoons on the ground outside. My daughter rolled the window down and made a silly noise, and I kid you not, ten raccoons and one cat came running out of there!

3. I lived in the dorm of a conservative Christian college my first semester of college. One night they gathered us all around and talked to us about the importance of wearing our bras when we were out in public. Well, I am all for modesty, but we had this statue down in the lobby area of the dorm and it was Greek, and she one of those robes (togas?) on that only had one shoulder, and she was not wearing a bra. So, a friend and I slipped down one night and put one of my raggedy old bras on that statue. I have always been pretty much a goody-two shoes and I would have died if we had gotten caught! The next morning, the bra was gone and not even acknowledged. We were too scared of getting in trouble to brag about having done it, so we could not really enjoy our prank. (I left for home after that semester and it was a long time before I returned to college. Now I’d like to return again to college.)

4. It is my opinion that we should take all the televisions out of all the bedrooms of America, adults as well as children. Computers too. You can keep something in there to play music, but nothing with any screens on them. Why? Because I believe they make it to easy for people to disappear into their own little world, which cuts off communication and stifles relationships.

5. There is something about Willie Nelson’s weathered looks that I think is absolutely riveting. I love to watch him talk and sing. He carries himself like such an everyday type person. At times, he almost looks uncomfortable with the attention that is being paid to him. The people at work make fun of me for this! My youngest gave me a Mother’s Day card with him singing in it. If he is on TV and my husband sees him, he always gives me a head’s up, saying “your man’s on TV”. I like watching him. I think he has aged well. Of course, I also loved the video of the old man singing that Cold Play song, so you might assume that older people are interesting to me (and they are).

6. This is not necessarily a little known fact, but I do love taking butt shot photos. There is something poignant for me in seeing people walk away. And like I have said before, when you are photographing their backsides they do not know and you get a much more relaxed photo.

7. I think I have mentioned it before, but I have this annoying ability to see all sides of an issue. I call it annoying because it usually renders me incapable of standing real firm on some sticky issues.

For a long time, it ticked me off that others could not be as gracious as I about conceding that other people have the right to have differing opinions on these sticky issues. I finally realized that it is through no effort of my own that I am able to see all sides of an issue. It is simply the way I am made. So I can’t take much credit for being open-minded but neither should I have to take any grief from “the strongly opinionated” for my being wishy-washy!

As always, although I enjoy being tagged to do these things, I don't particularly like tagging others, so I won't.

(Does that make me a bad sport?)

PS-- Rachel, did you see they fixed Blogger for us? It now saves your drafts automatically! No more losing our brilliants post in mid-thought!


  1. Yay! No I can comment! We share some significant weirdnesses.

    Love the photo!

  2. WWhhooo hhooo for comments!

    I am still laughing about the bra hussy!

  3. Annie, so cool to learn about your sordid past. My 7 were much less eloquent.

  4. :-D This was a fun read! The bra story -- that's one that I'll be re-telling at work! And I'm SO glad you mentioned the tendency to collect butt shots...

  5. fun to read this. thanks for your comment on my blogs and even more thanks for your prayers.


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