Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I tried to take photos of the fireworks but that is difficult, as most people with any photo sense at all know. I stood out in the street in the cool night air and never did even catch an interesting blur of color in the sky. While I was waiting, I shot a few night time tree portraits. This is one of the ones I liked best. I also entertained myself by taking a few self portraits in which I looked rather goofy so I won't be showing those.

I don't usually make resolutions but I have been mulling over the blessings of 2007. There were many, and I am grateful.


  1. Happy New Years Annie! Fireworks are a bear to shoot...but you did get a good tree pic out of the deal!

  2. Annie: Will return comment here rather than at my site. Just now got to your Wii "amazing tennis adventure" and, I'm sorry, you have me smiling. Not that I don't regret your injury, but that I've been there myself. May this "new" year bring to you many blessings and may I be privileged to continue with you via this blog on your journey. This site remains one of my treasures.....

  3. Nice nighttime picture - Happy New year too. Cold enough for you now?

  4. Hello! I'm visiting your blog after you left a comment on mine. I have to tell you that I feel at home as soon as I saw the "simple" quote on your banner and this quote on your footer: "Don't grumble, it may lead to other sins." I like the stuff in between the banners too.

    Nice to meet you.


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