Monday, January 14, 2008

Sand Hill Crane Birth

This series of photos was taken by a Florida dentist. He did not actually catch the hatching, but he took some gorgeous photos and put them in a slideshow. Even if you don't normally like nature photos, these are worth seeing. Go take a look, enjoy the sheer beauty and relax!

Sand Hill Cranes


  1. Annie this was so perfect considering where I spent this past Saturday... down at Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge watching and listening to thousands of Sandhill cranes! And I have totally pissed myself off because I pulled out my cellphone and got video of them and managed to delete it thinking I had properly saved it to my computer. The video wasn't so great but the sound was amazing. Between the cranes and the thousands and thousands of geese, you couldn't hear yourself think!

  2. Beautiful...........don't you just love nature? Took a minute to load but the music was just as nice.

  3. Awesome pictures, Annie. I especially enjoyed the two or three of that chick in some hilarious pose...


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