Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Angel Trumpets

Great beauty can be found when traveling through darkness, but you must first have eyes to see beauty in hidden places.

Soon enough, blue skies will shine again.


  1. 'Bout time to see a new post! Beautiful flowers and a happy thought for blue skies...

  2. Wow - beautiful flowers! I like all the shots, but I especially like the bright blue of the daytime sky in the background.

  3. Do you have these blooming right now? These usually bloom in the late summer and early fall here.

  4. Grace Glad you enjoyed the post and hope all is going well for you. It feels like you have been a bit scarce too!

    simple blog writer Thanks for stopping in again. I like the ones with the sky in the background the best too. The dark background ones were an experiment.

    Cathy Yes! They are blooming right now. It's this crazy weather we've been having I guess. They are probably not too pretty any more. We had near freezing temps one night last week (and then had the AC on the next night-you know how that goes!).

    Thanks, Princess Mindy!

    Thaaaanks to you, Rach!

  5. I am amazed they are blooming! Is that crazy or what?

    Global warming.....

  6. Blooming things! How neat! We had a spell of warmth the other day, and I nearly went out to kick the leaves off the garden to see if the daffys were coming up yet! But it's nothing new -- as far as I can tell, we ALWAYS have a warm spell about now (and we always say, "isn't that strange that it's so warm...")

  7. Annie, in response to your post about Laity Lodge over at my site: yes, you call up the Lodge and speak to Ann Jack or whomever is working the office and see if they have any empty spaces. I don't know when they cut off the registration when a church books the facility. But there are sometimes open spaces after all the church folks get signed up.


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