Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Had an Excellent Title for this Post

But I forgot it!

I am feeling much better. I still have a bit of a dry cough and a squeak to my voice, but I imagine I will live!

I joined Facebook, and have been playing around over there the last couple of days. Some of you know that already, but if you don't know it, and are on Facebook yourself and want to be my friend, let me know, and we'll become friends! I joined under my real name so you might need to contact me for that information. I debated whether to do it that way, because I am mixing some of my real life people with some of my cyber-peeps and sometimes that can be a bit scary. For now, I am keeping my blog away from Facebook, for several reasons. I'm not quite ready to come out of the blogging closet! Just today, one of the professors said said something about something on her Facebook page, and told me "We need to get you on here, it would be fun." I don't know yet about my fellow employees seeing my Facebook page (and I am sure I don't want them seeing my blog). But I imagine it will happen before too long (seeing me on Facebook). And I will deal with it then. I'm just funny about stuff, pretty much a private person. And I have thought about what a paradox it is to call myself a private person when I have been writing this blog all these years. I'm not sure what that says about me. I'll have to think about that.

Now I need to get caught up with my blogging. I know some of you have written a ton of stuff that I have missed!

I'll be around...


  1. My real life is in no way connected by anyone at ALL to my blog... or Facebook... or MySpace. Well except Mindy but she's always the exceptional exception. She knows more about me than anyone, lol. There are always thoughts and feelings I just cannot bring out in my *Real life*.. although my blog and everything else here IS my real life because it's ABOUT it... just the people here aren't an actual part of it. It's so much easier to dump things on an unseen face and know that somewhere, someone is going to *get it* and can help with the right words.

  2. And I am glad you are feeling better. I felt awful for about a day and a half and then it just started going away. Even the bronchitis never got too bad. Probably because I had antibiotics from the Dr when I took M... he gave me a refill on it and said "I know someone else is going to need these if she's sick." So yeah... it worked.

  3. I agree with the above too and think sometimes that these things should be separate. A blog is a really good place to blow off steam so to speak. I honestly don't think the other things are the place for that.
    The only reason I got on FB was because my girlfriend from CA suckered me into it so I could keep up with her two growing children. That part I like, to be able to see the kids growing up. I will admit FB is a lot of fun, and I get a total hoot out of Mindy and Rach! I'm right there with them on the bacon thing!! LOL! Truthfully too I am so surprised at the number of my friends who are on facebook. That was a sort of a shocker...I don't know why...and I am rambling so am out of here.
    Feel better soon. I am almost 2 months out from bug and still have cough.....perrier...I swear by it!

  4. I'm back because I was just sitting here thinking about what happened to me today. A local friend here on FB found me through another local but very good friend. Meanwhile casual local friends sister, with whom I have huge issues tags me to be her friend...not a chance in hell, Ollie.
    I toss the email in the trash. Hours later I am sitting here thinking about Annie's post, and how long I have known some of the people on my new little FB page. Several over 20 years,they've eaten at my house, cried at my kitchen table,... one I changed her diapers....and she is now a Mom herself...and then there are you gals who I only "know" through Annie's blog here. Yet I still feel like I sort of know you because the level of life and honesty (and in my case bad language)is a whole different picture. I think FB is like the mirror in the funhouse where you look all wiggly and funny. And the blogs are where you're looking yourself squarely in the face.
    Hmmph...that's the end of that thought...maybe I do need to start a blog again. (Annie is nodding her head yes) So I can take up my own space instead of hers. But I think what you said this morning really, really makes more sense than you can know.

  5. And yet again......I think it is a telling thing when we trust people we don't know with our most private thoughts and feelings than those who know us. And I too suffer from the same need for privacy that Annie has.
    And I swear not another word.

  6. Glad you're better! I haven't done much on FB, because I find it scary, too!

  7. These are all good points. (Especially about the bacon...) I am on fb, but under my blog name, not my real name. I try not to be 'googleable' under my real name anywhere on the net. However, I'm hooked up with tons of IRL people on facebook. Unfortunately a friend of a friend - someone I've know vaguely for many years - found me and found my blog. I am soooo not pleased about that. No major harm done, but it was a good wake-up call. I took the blog address off of facebook and went through everything I could to tighten up the privacy. (Note: most of your information is public to people in your network, unless you specifically change it. That's what tripped me up.)

    Anyway. It was disconcerting. I've now locked the barn door after having my horse stolen. But I'll be more careful in the future.

  8. Facebook, facebook, facebook! All I hear everyone talking about is facebook. My one-week old nephew is on facebook!

    I am not on facebook.

    Have fun with it, but I think blogging is cutting edge. (And even with that, I'd still prefer a letter in the mail.)

  9. I hear you, Annie, and the rest of you. Some of us really are very private persons, and I believe we must honor that. I don't do a blog, myself, but I do get so much from sharing with those of you who do. What I like about cyberspace friends is that we can share what we are comfortable sharing and with whatever degree of sharing that we wish.

    If there ARE persons that we know whom we might not trust with some of this, and if there is danger of them reading this, then we do need to keep these comments in a way that protects us from bad feedback. So... Whatever Works...

    annie # 3

  10. Annie! I'm on FB and love it for quick stuff. I'm under my full name, which I think you have ... so friend me!


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