Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Coming Back! (Hopefully!)

I do want to come back here and start posting again. I am not sure anymore in which direction I will go so please bear with me as I try to regain my footing around here.

I (finally!) got myself a digital SLR camera and I am loving it! It is a bit of a learning curve, getting used to the settings and trying to see what I can do with it, but it has been fun so far. This photo of a cypress tree was taken at our local state park. I love cypress trees. I have more pictures to post later.

My employee of over 16 years (co-owner of the local sporting goods store, yes, I am a sporting goods maven!) died a week ago today. She was a fine Christian woman who influenced my life in many ways. She and her husband both were good influences on a long line of college age employees. Her death was not totally unexpected but it came at such a hard time, right as the holidays are cranking up.

I read somewhere this week that the holidays are often a time when we remember those who will not be with us to celebrate. I know grief makes Christmas hard for many people. And this year has not been an easy one for so many people, for so many reasons. But still, Christmas is a time of hope and light if one has eyes to see.

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  1. Beautiful photography as usual, my friend. May you and yours know the abundance of His presence furing the holidays and beyond. Merry Christmas!.....


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