Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chaneling Tim

Tomorrow will make 15 years since my brother died. We were visiting my parents the other day and my mom had his boots out. I think she was seeing if my father or my nephew could wear them and use them but they couldn't so I suppose she will put them back wherever they have been all these years. Seeing them made me miss my brother so much and I just had to put the boots on for a little while. Obviously they were entirely too big, but that was not the point.

I've always said about grief that you do not "get over it" so much as you learn to live with it. We have all learned pretty much to live with it but days like tomorrow and his birthday in January still cause us to pause and remember what might have been. He would have been 50 on this coming birthday.


  1. Hugs to you across the miles tonight. My brother would have been 50 next year, too.

  2. I think you're right about the "learning to live with" thing. That's about the size of it. ((((Annie))))


  3. Lost my younger brother nine years ago and, at my age, a lot others along the way, too. The older we get, I think the more we look back and remember, the memories of them, no matter their personalities, dear to our hearts.

    You should wear boots more often, my friend....

  4. I still have a lot of things from my dad. I recently started refashioning one of his sweaters in a vest for me, and 2 doggie sweaters.

  5. Thanks y'all. I am beginning to realize many people have loved ones they miss around the holidays and my own process of grief can help me help others.


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