Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She Lost All Her Recipes


She mentioned that she wanted to make fudge, the kind with the marshmallow creme. I told her my mother makes that fudge all the time for Christmas.

She did not say, and I did not ask, why or how she lost all her recipes. I figure when a woman loses
all her recipes it's due to a traumatic event. Besides, she was the cashier at the drug store, and I was a customer. No time for life stories on the job, especially in retail, at Christmas-time.

I had another store to walk to and when I finished that I came back to my car and called my mother for the recipe. I wrote it down on the back of my receipt and took it inside to her. She was very excited and mentioned again that she had lost all her recipes. And she was going to go home tonight and make the fudge.

Such a little thing. And yet, I think it made her day.


I did not mail Christmas cards this year. I just never got around to it. Here is what I would have mailed. It's been such a rough year for so many, for so many reasons. And yet, still, there is Hope.

Merry Christmas...


  1. I love the card, although, for whatever reason, Beth and I never send any out, but how neat that such a door for "witness" was given you and you so responded. Christ "in" us, all year round, faithful unto us even in our stumble: this is and has been to me for nearly four decades what it is all about.....

  2. It's all in the details; a small effort can make a world of difference to someone. That's so cool, annie.

    I so appreciate the card. Excellent reminder.


  3. loved this... love love love
    and loved the card.
    even if it didn't get sent. What a beauty.


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