Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Contain Multitudes?

I bought a Wacom tablet that came with Photoshop Elements 7 software which I installed and have been playing with for a couple of weeks now. I had been using Photoshop 7 before but it had been acting weird on my new laptop so I am glad to have PE 7 and may eventually purchase PE 9. I've heard about some of the improvements and I think I would enjoy using it.

They are redoing the quad area of campus. They have been working on it for a couple of semesters. I think they are about to get it finished. I saw these three buckets in the sand pile and they intrigued me. I had been reading a couple of books written by a Jungian analyst who talks a lot about our unconscious and how much affect (effect) on us. One of the points he made was that when we talk about and refer to ourselves as "I" we really have no idea how much larger we are than just the conscious parts of ourselves that we are aware of. Very interesting. Or at least I thought so. 

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