Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I remember when I used to just open this little blank Blogger screen and type away. Thoughts came easily then. Now it seems I have to think harder about what I want to write and even in thinking harder, I can't really come up with anything too significant to say!

Registration started yesterday for grad students and seniors, with the juniors joining in today at one. I stayed steadily busy all day long with helping students who needed permits to get into certain classes. I love most of the professors I work with but there are two women (one not in our department) who always confuse and complicate things. I must have gotten twenty emails today from the two of them about their getting things done for their advisees. One student came in with a form that needed to be signed by our department head and also the head of the nursing department. When I told him the department head was not in, he informed me that the secretary in the nursing department had signed for their department head. I informed him that I was not the secretary for the nursing department and we did not do that kind of stuff in our department!

So, tonight I am tired and lazy, but I got a post done and I said at the beginning that I was not going to worry so much about quality as I was going to concern myself with quantity!

I think I am going to head to bed and listen to the election returns.

(Amended to add: I did not go to bed! I played around in Photoshop with some leaf photos I took this evening after we had a much needed rain. Here are the results.)

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