Saturday, January 21, 2012

Right Regrets?

I forget I can blog from my phone! Such fun! I was going to put this up on Friday but I was too busy at work to be playing around with such stuff!

This was the first calendar page I saw on my first day back to work. December 13th was the day of the funeral. Today I spent some time writing thank you notes for when I was in the hospital and for the funeral stuff. My husband and I did split up the funeral notes but he has been done all of his (I don't think that grammar is quite correct). 

I thought I liked this little saying but now I am not so sure. 

What are "right regrets"?

(Time for me to get back to writing thank you notes.)

I miss him so much...


  1. Hmmm...

    I'm gonna have to think about that. No idea what "right" regrets are.

    Blogging from your phone? I must investigate this! haha!

    Been thinking about you this week. ~sending good vibes~

  2. Wow! I can comment from my phone too! Thanks for thinking of me. I can use the good vibes. Reality is starting to sink in...

  3. Dang - I need to set this up from my phone!

    The vibes are Jedi Mind Vibes. They ensure that no matter how crummy the reality, survive you will.

    And stronger you will be.

    (That last bit might be bullshit. But, maybe not.)

  4. I think about you all the time. I, too can't figure out the right regrets thing...

  5. Rach, I feel stronger already (although that too might be BS). :)

    Patti, thanks for thinking of me. I don't think there are any right regrets. :)

    (WV is mulaters...what could that mean?)

  6. Y'all are going to have to teach me how to do this from my phone.

    I have right regrets. Regrets about the ex and that whole 2 marriages. No regrets about the kids. Would do it all over again for the results that I got.

    I honestly cannot even begin to imagine how you must feel. (((hugs))) I wish that I could help but I don't know how or what to say.

  7. Mindy, I use the BlogPress app but I think maybe Blogger has an app now. It is fairly straightforward.

    Interesting take on right regrets.

    Acknowledgment of the hurt is often very helpful, Mindy. The reality of it all has begun to sink in. There is peace but there is also longing.

  8. As I walked through the months after my husband's death, I thought I was doing very well, that God was holding me together . . . and he was, no doubt about it. I realized later that he had done it through numbness. He must have known I couldn't deal with it all at once. Slowly, he let me thaw out and face the loss more fully. Even now, all soft and smushy and not at all numb or frozen, there are times I can't believe that he won't be coming home, walking through the door, calling me. I cry at odd times. I think about sending him an e-mail, even though I know he isn't there to read it. Grief is a strange thing. We go on, because there's no choice, and we live and we laugh and we enjoy things, but every once in a while . . . "it" hits us. I think it's like addictions - we're never cured, just recovering.


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