Saturday, January 28, 2012


 The vase came in last week and they mounted it on the vault. You can barely see it but it is a cross shaped vase on all four sides. It wasn't until I got away that I realized I did not get a good picture of the vase. I was enamored with the fact that I could sit on my grandmother's tombstone  and rest my feet on my son's vault. I don't think she would mind. :) Three times up there and I'm just now figuring out how to make myself comfortable! Red geraniums please me to no end, even if they are just silk.

 Don't know if you can see it but my grandmother's name was Loyal. Seems like a fitting place for me to be a sitting. My husband took this photo for me. He took it about five times before he got it like I wanted it. We were unusually patient with each other. He doesn't usually participate in my artsy-fartsy escapades.

I have realized with great sadness that I don't have a recent picture of just me and my son together. Neither one of us liked having our picture taken and both of us were very crafty at avoiding having our picture taken. Now, thanks to our silly stubbornness, I suppose this one will have to do.


  1. I love both pictures.

    So now we get to see more pictures of you right?

    I love how you are feeling more comfortable there and making things your own. I am sure that your grandmother does not mind at all.

  2. Mindy Don't know about the seeing more pictures of me thing! We will have to see! :) I'm sure my grandmother does not all still seems so unreal to me.

  3. I'm with Mindy - more pictures! :)

    I can imagine what you mean by feeling unreal. I like how you are making yourself comfortable.


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