Sunday, May 06, 2012

Let it Grow

I've been feeding my parents' "grand-dog" while they are in Houston getting ready for another surgery on my Dad's eye. He has glaucoma and they have not been able to get the pressure adjusted so they are going in to put in a shunt on Monday. Today I took my camera with me and took pictures of the flowers she has growing in her garden. This was one of them, a very pretty one.

I am also charged with watering her tomato, cucumber and squash plants, along with a new clematis vine she has started in the back of the yard. I hope I have watered it well enough that everything will survive. It looked kind of cloudy this afternoon. I was kind of hoping it would rain and take the heat off of me!


  1. ...gotta go water my tomatoes. brb. :)

  2. I think there is a rain coming in tonight, just in the nick of time! They will be coming home tomorrow. The surgery went better than the doctor expected!


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