Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Light in the Dark

They say light comes out (and in) through cracked vessels. Maybe light comes out (and in) through the torn holes of our soul. And maybe sometimes we have to break a window to free our our soul.

Did I say that one of my son's friend's mother lives across the street from my mother, and on Mother's Day I wanted so badly to go knock on the door and ask if the friend could come out so I could hug him? He's built about like my son except a tiny bit thicker. Tonight, I saw him sitting on the porch and I went over to talk to him. I got a hug.

It was like a tiny spark of light in the darkness.

I am grateful for light in the dark.

(This is my response to the prompt for Week 6 of the 52 Photos Project.)
52 Photos Project


  1. Amazing.

    The black and white is gorgeous - so much texture and really good contrast. I. am. jealous!

    And really, really happy you got a bit of light.

  2. Thank you, Rach! I am finding that black and white is difficult for me to do well. This window is on a metal building in our back yard. It's really ugly!

  3. I think that this is one of my favorites. I love black and whites. You just get better and better.

  4. This image is really interesting, I love the different shades, and the words.

  5. Wonderful composition. I love the light and the structure of this great B & W.

  6. Very unique photo and words ~ thanks ^_^

  7. very nice. love the black and white and the words added.

    ps please consider turning word verification off it makes it easier to comment more often.

  8. Thanks, y'all! It was a fun prompt that spoke loudly to me.

    Stampmouse I have thought about turning off the word verification. I might try it and see how well it goes, if the spammers will not come around.

  9. I'm so glad you got your hug. Next time, go across the street and ask. Who would deny a hug? I love your picture, the words with the glass, and the post. Thank you for the way you share yourself.

  10. cq4fun Thank you! Yes, I should have just gone and asked! He would have given me one then. It seems my experiences have helped me learn more about opening up to others...

  11. Hugs. Like most things, they seem light and less, somehow, when there are lots to be had... but the lack is really quite horrible.

    Love the broken glass.


  12. D I agree, the lack is horrible and often (in my case) under-appreciated when there are plenty.

    Thank you Robin!

  13. Oh, I like what you say here, Annie. We miss so much when we are afraid to "open up and let the light in, let the light out". In Bible study, Wednesday evening, my friend Tony spoke of how, for him, "church" just doesn't work; yet if he is just willing to open himself up and find "the flow", God is always there somehow in the exchange.....

    1. So true, Jim. I am sometimes surprised to find that happening outside of "church" too...

  14. from the heart . . . thank you for your sharing your interpretation!

  15. I really like the combo of words & photo - gorgeous!


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