Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Wish...

I wish there was less brokenness in the world.
I wish there was less brokenness in my country.
I wish there was less brokenness in my family.
I wish we always had someone to catch us when we fall 
(and maybe, that we wouldn't "tear our britches" so in the fall).
I wish for the world,
for my country,
 for you,
for my loved ones,
and for me,

My contribution to Gallery 41 of the 52 Photos Project, My Wish.


  1. I love this Diane.... your wish is mine as well. Lets make it hope. Hope is always good. your photos are beautiful. I love this post.
    thank you and thank you.

  2. beautifully noted and your photos of nature offer the perfect example of healing.

  3. I like your wish. You chose your photos well.

  4. Wow, Annie! Your photographs of brokenness are amazingly beautiful, and your post so very poetic. Blessings!

  5. Been doing the same kinda wishing.

    Great photos with this, annie.

  6. Boy, do I love what you do with pictures and words, my friend...

  7. these words and images are so important
    and powerful
    thank you!

  8. reflections and interpretations of the photographs gave a powerful reality to your beautiful WISH ... April :)

  9. Beautiful photographs, and they go so well with the words. You have a knack for that. To grow is to risk being broken. Brokenness can be fertilizer for growth. I wish it were different.


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