Saturday, February 02, 2013


My youngest says FB is one of those masks. That's probably true, much of the time.

But I think of the masks in this quote as being more real, more honestly revealing than what one does on Facebook. More intimate.

Masks are an interesting concept to me. I am aware that I have lots of them. I've discarded a few too. But some are still absolutely necessary. I wonder if others have a repertoire of masks, and are they aware of them?

Also, maybe they aren't always totally deceptive. Maybe they are crafted so as to reveal what we are capable of revealing, while hiding what we can't bear to have seen?

I dunno...

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  1. Yep and yep. good point. and good awareness too. one thing interesting about masks I learned at a retreat when we made masks of ourselves. On the "outside" was what how we wanted to be seen, the reverse side facing toward our faces was how we see ourselves. Quite an enlightening little experience.

  2. I am still thinking about this one. So many I've met intentionally wear a pleasant mask to hide the less-than-pleasant person inside. Others have adopted a mask as protection from a less-than-pleasant world.

    Maybe 'show each other' is the key phrase I'm not considering...

  3. I know what my mask are. I think I know all of them. lol But sometimes I really should not use them.

  4. I'm wondering if we don't "mask" ourself, not just to hide from the other person, but to hide from ourself as well....


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