Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gallery 51: My Favorite Place

I can't just choose one favorite place! But this is one of my most favorite places. It is the place where my grandparents' home was. There are many memories for me when I walk the dusty roads around here, or go out in the woods. It is a contemplative place for me. Recently it has been a healing place for me.

The view here is from the front porch. Some of you may remember the bottle we found out in the woods with green fern growing through a hole in the rusty cap. The fern has died and is now white. Last weekend we worked on a couple of flower beds. The fence gate (with no fence!) you see past the bottle is located in the middle of one of those beds. We had wild honeysuckle growing there and will train it to grow on the gate. We plan on adding a climbing rose later.

We chose the location for the flower beds in an area where old tree trunks were. We wanted to make it easier to mow without worrying about someone mowing over the stumps and messing up the lawnmower. It's going to work out well, I think. The azalea bushes were blooming their merry little hearts out last weekend. I hope there are still blooms when we go this weekend. The dogwoods were just about gone.

(This is my contribution to the 52 Photos Project, Gallery 51 I suppose a new gallery will start week after next. I hope to participate more consistently in the coming year.)


  1. That is so interesting with the bottle on the deck, sunlight patterns, and floral background. Our flowering plums are about finished and redbud is starting, tulip trees and forsythia are almost all gone, but weeping cherries are blooming, though there aren't many around.

  2. Look at you guys with your green grass and planting and all. Here we are, snow melting oh so painfully slowly. No, I'm not jealous one little bit.... ;-(

    I do remember you showing that bottle. What a lovely spot. I'm glad for you that you have such a haven.

  3. It's a lovely place to have and I am so happy you do.

    I SO wanted to stop at my grandparents' farm on the way home Sunday, but my passenger was, I think, a little freaked out by the middle-of-nowhere-ness so I just gave a mental wave as I passed the dirt road that leads there.

  4. I can see why you treasure this place—how lucky you have it. I have wonderful memories of my grandparents' and great-grandparents' homes (which were next door to each other), but they've belonged to others for decades.

  5. It amazes me the beauty you find and give life to with these pictures of articles that, of themselves, seem to possess nothing of worth....

  6. Love this photo. Makes me ponder. If I look at the bottle I see a beautiful bottle. When I look at the sparkly shadow I see a sparkly world that promises a shiny bottle. The ponder being, which are we? The shadow or the bottle?

  7. There is something about this photo that I love. It feels very peaceful.
    I'm looking forward to having you participate in year three. Look for the 1st prompt tomorrow!! xo


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