Monday, April 29, 2013

Tyler's Tree: April

I took this photo around the 8th of April and never posted it. Since that time the tree has put out more leaves and branches and also had a cold spell come through that took off some leaves and branches. But it is still looking good and growing energetically!

And, oh yeah, my azaleas were beautiful this year. My husband keeps asking me "is that all they are going to do, flower one time?" and I keep telling him "yes, once a year they go all out and then they rest!"

We had a family reunion at our place this past weekend and there was a whole herd of smallish children. I kept nervously watching all the things we had planted, hoping none of them would come to any harm. Everything went very well until we were walking with the last family group out to their car when suddenly, their four year old reached out and snapped off the top of one of our newly planted trees! Nobody knew what to say! We were all shocked. It turns out the poor kid thought it was a weed and we "didn't want it to get any bigger"! Hopefully the tree will recover but if not, my mother has plenty more "babies" where that one came from.


  1. My passion was willow trees, at one time, and I attempted several times planting a cut from one, with no luck until about the sixth or seventh time. This one was doing rather well until one of the girls accidently mowed it down. Life happens. It helps that He abides in all things, good that we can smile and go on. Your tree looks like it's doing well, Annie....

    1. Oh, that's a sad tale, Jim! A friend had given me a Bradford pear when my brother died. We got it all planted and it was doing well until Tyler rode up on his bicycle one day and said "Look, Mom!" He jumped off his bicycle and the bicycle kept on going...straight into my Bradford pear tree! It broke it off at the ground and the tree never came back! As you say, "life happens" and it does help that He abides in all things!

  2. Thank you, Mich! It is doing very well! Can't wait to take May's picture!


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