Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Resting in Times of Quiet

(and trying not to sweat in the deafening silence.)

I belong to a group on Facebook that is working through the book, "A Year With Rilke." I had every intention of participating but I never ordered the book. One day, these phrases were part of the readings. They sort of spoke to me so I put them on a thang.

I've been wasting too much of my time lately on Facebook. I'd be better off blogging but I am also sort of in a dull spot right now and don't have much in the way of inspiration. I'll be back around eventually.

Wrote this a couple of days ago and just rediscovered it. Hello, dull spot. I've got two more "thangs" completed and waiting in the wings. One thing I am trying to do is to commit first to blogging, and second to Facebook. I still think of just opening up about my blog on Facebook but I am not quite ready to be that open!


  1. Love these quotes, annie. They look great with your photos.

    Interestingly I've been thinking about joining Facebook because of a particular group. I'm not a fan of the site. Maybe it's because I know that I'd spend too much time on it as well....

  2. Thank you! I'm slowly trying to limit my time there. I don't yet have my blog public on Facebook but I do belong to a private group that knows about my blog....

  3. I don't care for facebook. I haven't joined, and I much prefer blogs. It's more personal, in an odd way. I liked the second picture best at first, but the more I read the quote of the first one, the more I liked that one best.

  4. I've got an account with Face Book, but utilize it just about only to play Word with Friends with a few people. It doesn't do much for me otherwise.....


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