Friday, February 21, 2014

I Really Should....

I'm going to try and live out this weekend with a sense of wonder. 
It feels like I have misplaced it somewhere.
I really haven't.
It's only temporarily hidden from me.
That much I know.

I try to love, as well as I know how.
I think I live gently.
But boy, 
do I struggle 
gracefully letting go
of things not meant for me.

(The quote in the second photo is from Buddha's Little Instruction Book)


  1. I always love your photos and you pick out the most perfect quote. I tend to want to hold the things that are not meant for me in my clenched fist. lol

    1. Thanks, Mindy! I think a lot of us have that problem of holding on to the things that are not meant for us!

  2. Here's hoping your intentional wonder wanders back to you. Let us know how the weekend goes!

    1. The weekend was great, with lots of blank time for wonder!

  3. Ditto... pffht! Man, that hits the nail right on the head... loved it.

  4. Gracefully letting things go? No, I'm a kicker and a screamer. =) But, yes, this is definitely the time of year for wonder. A couple of weeks ago, I looked outside and my yard had at least a dozen robins, and all the yards around me had some, though not as many. It was a time when I was feeling low and it felt like God had sent them just to me, to let me know that spring was coming and He was still with me.


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