Saturday, February 08, 2014

Today Is My Birthday!

I might have been inadvertently "outed" this morning on Facebook, in my birthday wishes.

I'm not going to fret too much. It would take a curious person who would think to google "Annie Oddflower" to find me (or perhaps someone who would wait to ask me next week at work, not having thought to google for the information). As most of my blogging friends know, I have been waffling around with the idea of outing my own self, so if it has happened, so be it.

What better time to "come out" than on my even numbered birthday that is two years away from a certain number birthday that I can't yet say out loud?! How can I be so close to that number?! It might just be time for me to be braver about letting little annieoddflower be seen. Acceptance of all our self is very important to good mental health! And as far as pieces of me go, annie is benign, and sometimes wise sometimes poignant, sometimes witty. She surely isn't one of the darker shadow sides of me!

I am off to enjoy my day, beginning with getting outside (in the cold!) with my camera to see what I can find.

Oh, the "brave" angel is from a Kellie Rae Roberts collection. I found her on sale at the local Catholic book store.

Also, if you are a real live day to day person in my life who has found me, speak up! I don't like people sneaking around me and I can figure out you've been here in my statistics log (though I don't normally like dealing with statistics)!

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  1. But... but... statistics!

  2. Hahahaha! Statistics are eeeevil. :)

    Happy even numbered, semi-milestonistic commemoration of your birth and continued existence!!

  3. We decided we are twins since I mentioned today we are only one pregnancy term apart in age... Diane offered she was born early... I was just slow.... lol..... shh... we don't mention those years that have 0's on the end of them.... ssh...

  4. LOL I am glad you *came out* to some of us long ago. Don't know what I would have done without you.


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