Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photographs and Memories

Tonight I've been laying around with layers and textures in PSE. I really want to learn more about using masks but it is proving to be  difficult for me. I remember I had a tough time grasping the concept even when I was in school and taking a Photoshop class.
These are tangled leaves skewered on a stick that I saw on my last walk on my trail in the woods. Black and white with a little bit of light on them, possibly proving there is always at least a tiny bit of light available.
And the vine is entangling one leg of the tree, not yet choking it though, possibly proving there is always something to be grateful for.

My art room has been under siege for months now. First we moved a dresser out from there up to the country. That meant I had things emptied out all over the bed. Then my youngest had a couple of friends who stayed several nights in there. That meant my things got emptied out all over the desk and the floor and whatever smooth surface there was available. I got back in there and started trying to organize things a bit. I found a venomous "love letter" note. It is based on a template I got from a substance abuse counselor, basically you work through several emotions and it tends to end up positively. At first I didn't know to whom the note was addressed but I finally figured it out. I hadn't put a date on it, either. I finally figured out who I was writing to but I still don't have a clue as to when I wrote it!

Then I found scraps of paper with half-written poem ideas on them. One was a haiku that went like this:

Waves roll, wash footprints
away. Memories remain,
sparkle like sea glass. 


  1. I like looking over your shoulder while you're making discoveries. :)

    And I am in total agreement with masks. I still cannot wrap my head around them. Even though masks generally wrap themselves around our heads...

  2. I like that... the water.....

  3. Photoshop is way beyond me. But I love what you do with it. All of your stuff is so beautiful and mean so much.

    I love to organize other peoples things. Sometimes the best things come out of chaos sweetie.

  4. Love the haiku and your photos, annie!

  5. I like the way you looked for the positive in the photos. I also like that third photo. A lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Venomous love note is a concept new to me.


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