Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm Still Here...

I owe several emails to visitors to my blog, and I will get to answering them soon. I have good excuses, really, but not much time to elaborate right now. We have been steadily "tightening my son's leash" and on top of that, I am also now gainfully employed.

Spooky Rach over at
Skewed View sent me this quote recently and I like it a lot. It is a timely reminder for me. But I think Ghandi is wrong in saying that if you do nothing, there will be no results. No, if you do nothing, things will likely decline to an even lower level. Of course, in some cases, actually doing something will also cause things to get worse, as in the case of setting boundaries on a teen-age son who thinks he is ready to go his own way. And so, I am reminding myself tonight, it is the action that is important and that sometimes, doing the right thing hurts.

For your entertainment, I am including a collage out of an altered book I did a while back. I like the praying hands picture. Now me, I like trying to draw my own hand, always open like that because it is easier to draw that way ( and I still can't get my proporitons right!) Look how the face of a little girl shows through on the pointer finger. It is what was underneath the painted layer of the book I altered. You can't see it in the actual book I made, Photoshop helped bring her out.

"The satisfaction comes from trying...the joy is in the journey"....sometimes I have my doubts!

I am so impatient for my son. I want results.


  1. your work is absolutely beautiful.

    my friend is giving me an altered book for my b-day, and I can't wait to get into it.

    thinking of you as you tighten the leash... stay strong friend.


  2. You have my prayers.

    Love the book. Your hand looks great!

  3. ps email me your email so i can send you the url bc my computer is acting weird. long story


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