Monday, April 25, 2005


Here's another interesting site:

People send in anonymous post cards with their secret written on them. A few of the cards are funny, many are poignant, and you wish you could just give the person a hug and tell them that it will be all right. There are also a fair share of cards where you'd like to give the person a smack up side the head and ask them, "what were you thinking?"

Since I'm too lazy to make my own post card up and send it in, I thought I'd post a secret or two here.

No, it's not really true that I hired a lawyer, but I did swallow my pride and practically got down on my knees and begged the library lady to lower my fines. They cut them in half, and I still owed enough that I could have bought three, maybe four, of us, lunch at McDonalds. I do feel so much better now that I can check out library books again.

I am reading two books of poems, one by May Sarton and the other by Charles Bukowski. I also checked out Plant Dreaming Deep, by May Sarton, and another book on creativity by Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit. There was a novel I wanted to get too, but, alas, I could not remember the title. Anyway, the four books I got were over my limit as a reforming library patron.

Here is another secret, terrible, but true. I just hope and pray my readers (all three or four of you!) will chalk it up to bad taste and will think no less of me for it.


  1. *Gasp!*

    The horror! The horror! Must look away!

    Only kidding - I, too, tend to overkeep my books. I have to break out the cash each time I go to the library. (I love to watch bits and pieces of televangelists for the train-wreck entertainment value. Any more than that and it is just depressing.)

  2. smiling.... so glad you could confess to us. I hope you feel better now. Now, go and sin no more. That means no more Jimmy!
    (just kidding) :)

  3. Are you sure we're not sisters??? I just got (another) new library card the other day after a self imposed restriction from the library for TEN YEARS because of my terrible habit of not getting the books returned in time. Our library is now much more user friendly, and will be sending me e-mail reminders that my books are due and also will allow me to extend their time with me via internet. I'm hopeful that I shall do a better job.

    Now, I don't even want to think about the whole Jimmy thing ...

  4. Ha! I didn't even know Jimmy was still around! Too funny, Annie! I wish my secrets were that benign...

  5. I like your style. Reading and music, two of the best things in life. I'll clue you in on some great fiddle players (and they sing, too) I got to see in Crockett, Texas this past weekend: the Quebe Sisters (pronounced Quay-bee.) I predict they will be a household word before long.

  6. Very funny, Annie! For a late bloomer you are certainly breaking forth in humourous self-disclosure!! Nothing like returning library books and confessing to being a Swaggart junkie to clear the mind and demonstrate a new found freedom from shame. Go for it, girl.

  7. i love the lawrence welk show and always wanted to be one of those sweeping dancers with early 70's makeup and flowing dresses.

    and i don't change the channels during the polka numbers, so you have nothing to be ashamed of...

    jan :)


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