Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yeah, Right

What does it mean? Who knows? Who cares? I drew the chair, the other stuff is glued on. Wish I had some of those Lydia E. Pinkham tablets to banish the bad days. Wonder what was in them?

We've got a guy around here who does motivational speeches and his little motto is "no bad days". Everybody has bad days, buddy. The trick is, not to get swallowed up by them.


  1. I heard a song recently that says "I'm looking forward to looking back on this day." (Over the Rhine, who else?)
    those pills - oh man. If you score some, I want in.

  2. I WONDER what was in those pills! When you think about some of the ingredients used in the past (and I'm specifically thinking Coca Cola here...) it could be just about anything! And you drew a picture! Yay! Keep it up -- it really is good!!

  3. Great picture. Love the whimsy. Do you suppose the Pinkham ad was for a pill to sort out PMS before we called it PMS?

  4. Amen...and thank you for your encouragement and recognition of the journey....sometimes you just like knowing people are with you...not that you are supposed to need it.. but company on the journey come on...who doesn't...thanks

  5. I am thinking Lydia Pinkham is using methamphetamines to fit into that corset.

    I vote you try to trip the motivational speaker next time he walks by. Ha ha!

  6. Perfect! I love it, and I too wonder what those happy little pills are made from.

    This was obviously before the days of the FDA...



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