Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Gator Blogging

Chef Gator, ready to add a little spice to someone's life. (Twice I have tried to upload a photo I took of a dead gator that was on the side of the road last Monday, but it does not seem to want to upload. I guess that is a cosmic sign that it is just too gross to display.)

I am fixin' to* have to go take some more photos of these "Gators on the Go" statues if I want to continue my series. Secretly, I have been marking my time to see if
Princess of Everything (and then some), who was my inspiration for this series, runs out of fiberglass cows before I run out of alligators!

*fixin to, a quaint Southern expression that I tend to use too often-- fixin to--the real trouble is that I am always fixin' to do something and never quite get around to getting it done. What do other people say when they are going to do something, but have not yet done it?


  1. rightchere, where I am from we fixin to all the time and is often shorten to "fitten ta" or any variation that may sound like fixin' to. i like Chef Gator. We are fixin to have our Aligator Festival here soon in a couple weeks....I need a digital camera, I could keep you stocked with gator photos for months. Tonight while downtown, I spied one in the bakery window....complete with flour on his face.....too funny.

  2. Annie, here in East Tennessee we are always fixin' to do things, too. I never thought about the phrase as being odd until a few years ago when somebody said something about it. And I'm glad I don't live where there are gators fixin' to die on the side of the road... that just sounds like it would have been weird to see!

  3. Annie, I wrote this long thing about "gettin' a round tuit." And giant decorated moose on the streets of Toronto. And I think it's lost. I think I am going to have trouble getting past these new random letter road blocks. Help!!

  4. Excellent gator!!

    I am bad about the "fixin' to" thing.

  5. lol. we have fiberglass moose all over toronto. and i thought we were the only nuts.

  6. I'm a Brit so I don't genereally come across Americanisms unless i'm online, but I like the 'fixin to' expression...'Im fixin' to do some studying sometime today!'...should be doing it now really, but I thought I'd read some blogs instead!

    God Bless.

  7. last time I visited Blogger wsn't letting me comment. So here was my thought from the other day:
    He looks like a bottle of tobasco sauce to me. :o)
    mmm Tobasco sauce.....


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