Wednesday, September 07, 2005


These are scenes from the route I usually drive to visit my son. I never pass on these roads without drinking in the beauty of this part of Louisiana. Though this area is geographically very near, it is not all that familiar to me. I must admit, most of the time, I fly through, appreciating the sights on the run.

This past Monday, I took the camera along and stopped at various spots on the road to take pictures. I've mentioned before that water conjures up mixed emotions within me. I am both afraid of and fascinated by its power. With all the news of the devastation water can bring, I felt the need to see water again as a tranquil force. I needed to stop and see that water can bring peace.

The first two pictures are of a draw bridge. The last four are of a bridge over the Mermentau River. We were lucky enough to see two tug boats pushing barges by.


  1. cool scenes. thanks for the pictures! a snapshot of what you see.... in your world.

  2. great photos Annie, and how amazing how placid the water looks there. Eerily placid.

  3. How beautiful! It feels like nature is moving back into balance.


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