Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Notes While Waiting on the Wench

Her name is Rita. It looks like we won't know too much about where she will hit until late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Much like the personal storm I am weathering, I look at this hurricane and I wish so badly that it would just fizzle out, that no more harm would be done, and yet I know, the storm is coming, and someone is going to suffer because of it. May God grant us all the grace to weather this and all other storms.

I have a sister who lives on the Houston side of the edge of Galveston Bay. She will be leaving soon. Batten down the hatches and hang on tight, my Texas friends.

The drama of the (national) weathermen and the (national) newscasters is sometimes a bit over the top. I understand that is sometimes necessary to get the message out about the serious nature of these storms. But at times, I find myself sighing and saying a hearty amen to the words uttered by General Honore from New Orleans yesterday--"Let's not do stupid, reporters". I find my local weathermen and newscasters to be of far more practical help in times like these.

On a more personal level, thank you all for the encouragement, and the prayers offered, and the hope, concerning my son and our family. It is not an easy road to walk, that is for sure. And it isn't always easy to admit that is the road you are walking on.

The doll in this photo is a much loved doll that belongs to my youngest daughter. She named her Hittie-Hittie. My daughter carried her everywhere and the poor doll suffered many mishaps along the way, but you can tell when you see her that she was greatly loved. Maybe my caption is wrong. Perhaps, at times, love costs us all some wear and tear, and maybe, sometimes, love does hurt.


  1. I would reckon that sometimes it does hurt, and not by my liking, but maybe it's supposed to. Like the visible wear and tear on Hittie, we wouldn't know that we were really alive, and loved, without some serious scrape marks.......
    I hope your family hauls butt out of there, I spent many a good day in that area and am fully aware on vulnerable it is! And you too.....any question, get out...
    I get sick of the press too, heightened state of awareness and all that.......after going through four storms last year, and watching them getting giddy while being blown around it the wind......see you got me all cranked up here, now I'll have to e mail CNN again and whine! Peace to you Annie.

  2. amen to the let's not do stupid comment. yikes, it's gettin on my nerves sometimes.
    (the lamo drama coverage) Don't get me wrong... I just don't like media coverage very much usually - about anything.

  3. Glad your sister is getting out of harm's way.

    I'm with you - I have little patience for extraneous drama these days.

  4. You're right! Those media people are SUGH drama queens -- do you wonder if they're like that in their real lives??? It looks now like you might have had more to worry about than your sister in Texas did -- hope all is well.

  5. Where are you??? Are you alright? Where is the gator??

  6. Well she came. Now she is gone. I hope you are all in one piece. Well better than in one piece, not patched but whole. What is that literary device where weather reflects the emotional condition of the characters? Like the storm Lear endures in The Tempest. Surely these storms are a fitting conclusion to a year of turmoil. Or is that being too dramatic?
    Up here we welcome lightening and thunder and a bit of a rain...clears the air, the mind and brings welcome respite from what has been a tediously hot summer.

  7. I am really getting worried about you. I hope you and yours are alright.


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