Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bloggin' at the Library

We still don't have phone or cable TV. My computer has started making weird noises down in the tower region. My nephew says it is likely a hard drive problem. I'm taking in Monday to the "My PC Tech" repair guy who says naivete is a sin. He is going to teach me to back up my files properly and will then see what needs to be done to fix my problem. Hopefully, I will not lose all my files. I would hate to lose everything that way, but there are larger losses in the world.

The insurance adjustor came through on Saturday. He informed us we had a large deductable for storm damage and said we would hear from them again in about two weeks. The large deductable for storm damage is another one of those things hidden away in the bowels of your homeowner's policy.

The FEMA lady came through on Thursday, looked around, made note of our generator purchase, and told us she did not know what assistance we would receive, but she would turn everything in, and we would hear something soon. Then she got into her extra-long four-wheel drive truck and promptly backed herself into the ditch on the other side of our road. Poor thing. I know she was embarrassed. She called in one of her coworkers to come pull her out. After she had called him, she said "you know I am not going to be able to live this down, don't you?" I told her I was just thinking about whether I was going to tell the story at work. I hope my honesty does not get our file relegated to the bottom of the stack.

Here is a Sunday quote from a note in the local newspaper by Bishop Edward Braxton, who used to serve in this area. He was talking about the various "awe-inspiring" events of nature that have happened this fall.

"...for those who think of God in overly human terms, they are a reminder that God is not a God the way we would be God, if we were God."

That's an easy thought for me to remember, and strangely, perhaps, it is a comforting one to me, but I think a lot of people struggle with the concept that His ways are not our ways.


  1. What a great quote Annie and thanks for sharing it....I'm going to write it down. All quiet here thus far, weather man says we will have a "wind event"....another event for which I will be underdressed I am sure.......

  2. "...for those who think of God in overly human terms..."

    I really like this quote. Glad the library has come to your temporary rescue.

  3. Hey Annie,

    You know, even though I was in Mississippi and Louisiana and saw the extensive damage after Katrina, it's still hard for me to imagine that you are just now hearing from FEMA and your insurance adjuster. It blows the mind to wonder what you all are dealing with.

    I love that quote - thanks for sharing it. And yes, I find it hard to phathom the ways of God too.

    God bless and hang in there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Thank God for Libraries and Insurance, and thank God that God is not ME! (or you)

  5. You set my wheels spinning, Annie. What sort of "terms" DO I tend to utilize in thinking of God? I smell a future post in there somewhere. Glad to hear you are "surviving". My own sources tell me "the church" is doing more in this situation than FEMA, Red Cross, or anything else out there........

  6. I am just so thankful that you are alright. Would you not hate to be fema or an insurance adjustor right now? Not popular people I am sure.

  7. Hey Annie, what's shaking? Hope you are doing o.k........

  8. she'll process your claim pronto and pay as much as she can, so she needn't visit - God works in mysterious ways :)

    be blessed:)


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