Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm Just Sayin'

We were ready for church early this morning (does not happen often) and so we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. Little did I know that I was going to be given insight into one of the burning questions in the universe: Why are some grown men nearly helpless? (And please, don't accuse me man-bashing. I know I could just as easily come across an example of why some grown women are nearly helpless. It is just that this was the revelation I was given, and I feel duty-bound to blog about it! -- Besides, it is a welcome break from the hurricane stuff.)

There was a mom and her three children who were having breakfast-- two girls and a boy in the middle, perhaps ten, eight and six years old. Big sister and baby sister needed no extra instructions on how to eat breakfast. Brother, however, was a different story. Here’s how it went.

MOM: Roll up your sleeves so you don’t get syrup all over.

BIG SISTER: Scoot up close so you don’t get food all over yourself.

MOM: Do you want me to cut this up for you? (As she is busy cutting his pancakes.)

BIG SISTER: Here, take some napkins.

MOM: Here’s what you do. You take the fork and you stab it and you eat it.

Finally, brother was ready to eat. We left before they did, so I don’t know how successful he was at keeping himself clean and devoid of syrup.


  1. I have pondered this ancient question often myself. And by golly, I think you're on to something.

  2. found you (you didn't leave your details over at stf)

    but I've sent you email. You did good girl :)

  3. boy, isn't that the's one of those universal laws.....

  4. syrup-y pancakes - the only good thing mcdonalds has ever done...


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