Thursday, October 13, 2005

Got the Blahs and No Time to Complain!

It's hard for me to get time to post, since I am using my mother's computer at her house, and it is frustrating the living daylights out of me! I come in and skim blogs and then head back home. Not much time to post or comment. I was working on some of my photos offline and my monitor made a funny noise and went blank. I think it is dead.

I don't know this guy, MostlyCajun, All American, Highly Opinionated. He lives in the town about ten minutes away from me, but he has pictures in a post dated October 10 that will give a better idea of damage than the ones I have posted, if you are interested. The photographs are from an area near where my son was staying and working with my father-in-law.

Things are slowly improving, there are still a lot of sad stories around here.

More later.

(I see I got the name of his blog slightly wrong, but if I correct it now, I would have to go back and fix the link. I am tired. lazy, less of caring to worry about that now....gotta go.)


  1. i am just glad you had a minute to comment...

    praying for you, girl.


  2. Googled your link. Viewed the pictures. Did I sleep through the broadcast? I've heard very little media about Rita. Everybody's still talking about Katrina. And while I'm on that subject: A group from our church got back last Sunday from a "mission" trip into Louisiana just outside New Orleans. The men said they saw no evidence of Fema trying to help, one appearance of Red Cross, and two from the Salvation Army. My pastor buddy in Pensacola reports much the same. He's housing and feeding refugees from New Orleans with the Church footing the bill. Red Cross, Fema, and local government are doing nothing but fighting his efforts. Politics as usual......

  3. I can relate!
    Keep on hold'n on!


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