Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mardi Gras Haiku

I drove down this street today. It was still early enough that I could do so. People are starting to gather, to stake out their places (it does no good, at the last minute, other people will come along and crowd your spot). I smelled barbecue and beer (at 10 in the morning?), saw a man in one of those heavy duty electric wheelchairs (with one kid hanging on the back and another in his lap on the front), saw women with babies in strollers. I stopped by my favorite smoothie place and wished them well today. They are located on the parade route. Today will be stressful for them I am sure. They have only been open about six months. This will be their first Mardi Gras parade.

The day is gloomy gray with the possibility of rain later. I don't think I am going to make it to the parade. My own mood is gray enough already and these kind of events tend to make me gloomier. My youngest is going with a friend and her older sister and fiance. To let her go is in itself an exercise in faith.

But the powers that be have done a lot to make the celebration safer and more family friendly. And it can be fun, walking down the main street of town and catching the sights. She and I keep joking that we are going to get bicycles and go out early one year with our cameras. But we have not done it, yet.

Only plastic beads
white ones not real pearls people
let your baubles go.

Well heck, here is how my mind works--I wandered away for about an hour and added filters and words to the photo....


  1. Thank you, our Mardi Gras chronicler, for getting out even if you were gloomy. Is the frenzy meaningful to anyone or is it as false as non-dairy whipped topping?

  2. What?? No butt shots?? Oh my Lent is just ruined? Well, it's gray and cold here. And I don't blame you for not wanting to get bumped around by a bunch of nuts! And what exactly is the deal with the beads?

  3. *chuckling at the butt shots comment*

    Love the haiku, annie. Keep getting out there.

  4. Yes, loved the 'ku'- just let it go, folks...

  5. DavidI'm not really qualified to give a good answer to that question because I am an outsider looking in.

    Ayekah I thought you were giving up butt shots for Lent!I don't know what it is with the beads, but you would be surprised how grabby folks get when they start flying from the floats!

    Spooky Thanks! I do hope to start getting out there a little more as the weather improves.

    RCJ Ta-ta! I started to try that new form you mentioned on your blog, but decided to stick with the haiku.

  6. Well pooh! I was holding out for butt shots from your Mardi Gras parade, too! :-D
    We actually came down to the Gulfport / Diamondhead area this past week, and even ventured into New Orleans on Monday morning -- but just for a bit, as traffic was WAY heavier than we expected and parking was not to be found.
    I was amazed at the storm damage that I saw along the Gulf Coast - a year and a half later (is that right?), even with clean up, it is still something that words simply cannot describe. It was quite a sobering visit.

  7. Linda Sorry about the lack of butt shots!

    The storm damage is sobering. I have not driven down to our coast lately, but there are so many areas where people (especially the older people who have been there for years) just can not afford to return due to the rising insurance costs and the increased regulations concerning their rebuilding.


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