Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sight of the Day

Is this not the coolest wet spider web you have ever seen??
(Click to enlarge--and see all the detail.
It looks like pearls!
But I warn you, the file is huge.)


  1. oh that's a keeper, I put it in my Annie photo file!! Truly incredible!

  2. WOW! That's awesome! And it DOES look like pearls -- especially that "strand" looping down at the bottom. You should see about entering this one in a photo contest...

  3. I posted a year or so ago of a huge "ghost" floating just to the side of a tree in my daughter's front yard. It kept disappearing from my vision until I got close enough to dismiss the blowing it gently in and out of my sight. Dangling and dancing in mid-air betwwen the tree's branches and a nearby telephone pole, it had to be at least six feet in diameter! Research on my part proved it to be the work of a common yellow garden spider. They create it and then destroy it all in one day, only to re-create another the next day.......

  4. ANNIE! That is a damn fine spider web. Its really, really beautiful. I am IM-pressed.

    (Cool story, Jim!)

  5. Thanks you all! Glad y'all liked it too. It was one of those lucky accidents.

    That is a cool story Jim (You finally got the comment thing to work!). Imagine doing all that work and destroying it only to start again the next day. A six foot spiderweb would have unnerved me!

    If only I had known how much that lower strand was going to like pearls, I would have aimed my camera lower. As it was, I am sure my neighbors wondered what in the world I found so interesting just above my head (and I had come out without my glasses, so I REALLY could not see!)


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