Monday, May 19, 2008

For SpookyRach

Rach, I think I found your long lost cousin! She graduated in nursing, with honors, apparently, judging by the gold and blue cords around her neck. The odd thing is the pink bow on top of the skeleton's head (which you can see better by clicking in the photo.) The only thing I can figure is that she must have been raised by Mindy's long lost maiden Aunt Barbie.

My own daughter was going to put "Hi, Mom" on her cap, but they stressed in Friday's rehearsal not to do that. She is a good, rule-following girl, so she did not do it. Someone else did do it, and I got a picture, but it was too blurry to use. There were several "rule breakers" in the crowd. Some of those caps must have taken a lot of work to decorate. They were entirely covered with sparkles and sequins.

I don't know if many of you are familiar with the "Boudreaux-Thibodeaux" jokes that get told, but when they announced that Sarah Boudreaux-Thibodeaux had earned her degree, the whole crowd cracked up! Poor Sarah Boudreaux-Thibodeaux graciously took a bow and went on to receive her diploma. Other than that, the graduation ceremony was a bit boring.

Here are a few corny Boudreaux-Thibodeaux jokes:

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux decided to go fishing one morning at the pond in back of Boudreaux's house. It was dark and when they reached the pond they realized they wanted to cross to the other side. But they couldn't walk around and had no boat or pirogue to cross in. Thibodeaux turned to Boudreaux and said, "Mais Boudreaux, how in the heck we gonna get across." Boudreaux said, "No problem, I'm gonna shine this here flashlight across the water and you gonna walk on the beam of light all the way across." Thibodeaux then says, "Mais, Boudreaux, you must think I'm stupid or something, cause just when I get halfway across you gonna turn off the light."

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux were taking a trip to Baton Rouge. On their way they saw a sign that said Baton Rouge Left. So Boudreaux and Thibodeaux went home.

One day Boudreaux saw Thibodeaux and asked him why he was so bruised up. Thibodeaux replied that he had been riding a bull, and his foot got stuck when he fell off. The bull kept dragging him around until the Wal-Mart manager came and unplugged it.

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux had bought their own airline. On their first flight from Lafayette to Jamaica, they ran into motor trouble. Thibodeaux came on the speaker and said, "We are going to have to make an emergency crash landing. We are over the ocean so all of you that can swim please move to the left side of the plane, and all of you that can't swim, please move to the right side. As soon as the plane hits the water I want all of the people on the left to swim for shore. All of you on the right, well, Captain Boudreaux and I would like to thank you for flying Cajun Airlines.


  1. LMAO now tell me why I was hearing those on my head complete with the proper accent?!

  2. um... that would be *in* my head. sheeesh

  3. LMAO....I have a long lost cousin Barbie?!?!?!?

    We went to college graduation a few weeks ago and saw some decorated motar boards.

    That is not what stood out. The girl took the cake was wear read sparkly spiked dorothy from the wizard of oz heels. Gosh only KNOWS how much red glitter that took!

  4. and lawsy...I have what ever flutterby has...

    I should have said AUNT not COUSIN.

  5. Haaaaa! Yay for creativity! Wish we'd thought of doing this when I graduated. I think this is defenitely the white sheep of the spooky family, since she's got a pink bow. tsk, tsk.

    Love the jokes (I could hear the accent, too, flutterby). We tell the same ones here, but they are Aggie jokes.

  6. Would like to have seen the caps with the sequins and glitter..that is too much. I love the skeleton. I went to Baylor..."we" did not do such things for fear of going to H-E double hockey toothpicks.

    Know what else that CA in Cajun Airlines stands for dontcha? Ya-hum!! I had the accent goin' in my head too.

    Thanks for the much needed day brightener!

  7. I was hearing a redneck accent myself!

  8. Flutterby Hearing the proper accent on your head is priceless!

    Princess Mindy The girls in this class were worried about the slick floors of the coliseum, they did not want to slip and bust their "uh-huhs" on such a momentous occasion as this!

    Spooky WHITE sheep-I suppose that is the ultimate insult in the Spooky family!

    I love the Aggie jokes too. I am a such a sucker for a corny joke!

    Ayekah I am so glad you have loosened up since your Baylor days!
    Yep, the CA definitely does double duty!

    insane mama That redneck accent you were hearing was probably me, telling the joke!


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