Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Notes

A cell phone photo with a timely message:
Take time to refresh your spirit.


--I added a couple of blogs to my blog roll, and used the Blogger tool to make it where the newest posts and post titles would show up at the top of the list (Thanks, Mindy!). Check some of them out. You might be missing something interesting!

--Some of you expressed curiosity as to why the gator looked like he was shoved in the corner guarding the trash can, stacking chairs and the snack machine. The gator used to stand under the open stairs in the administration building before Hurricane Rita (three years ago this September, I think, I lose track.) This gator was one of the survivors. Several were destroyed by the storm. The school doesn't have the building repairs completed and many of the classes are still being held in temporary buildings. This area is the temporary student lounge area. The main lounge was a free-standing building that was destroyed, and there was another lounge area in the administration building.

There are many people who know exactly how long ago the storm was, as they are still dealing with rebuilding and recuperating. I heard on the radio the other day they are predicting another rough hurricane season. It starts again in June. The good thing about a hurricane is that you get enough advance warning to get away, if you are inclined to do so. That is not always so with tornadoes and floods.

--I am so excited to have the day off tomorrow, don't know exactly what I will do, but I am happy not to be going in to work! This reminds me, I have an idea for a creation in my head and needed to get a photo from my mother's house for it. Maybe that's what I will work on tomorrow!


  1. I hate to hear that about the hurricane season.

    Thank you for the story behind the gator.

    And I am liking the do!

  2. Princess They also said that last year, and it was not so bad. Hopefully things will be all right this year too.

    The bloggy friend list is great! I can keep up with everybody without going to Bloglines (where I have something like 200 links--a lot of them are artsy-fartsy blogs that I scan but never comment on). Sometimes when I get too many unread items I clear the whole thing. This way I don't miss out on my regular reads! (Do I sound like one of those "testimonial" commercials??)

  3. We are headed for St Pete the end of June and will probably do a short weekend dash down to Pensacola before school starts back up. Used to be I thought nothing about such trips other than enjoying the beach. After the last few years, though, even an old tourist takes the news of another ominous hurricane season with a healthy respect...

  4. You new phone takes great pictures...I really like this one. Good advice too! Don't even remind me about hurricane season, the weatherman here is already ramping up now for June 1st. They drive you to distraction with all that.
    Some men from our church just came back from Long Branch, Miss. mission trip to help rebuild. We have been there since the hurricanes and they guestimate will be rebuilding another 5 years, to restore semi-normal. Menfolk said things are very spartan there. I wanted to go...was told this trip was for the "men". They stink!
    Enjoy your day off.
    Thanks for the link to Jules photo's awesome. My arty friends here have all linked her as well.

  5. Jim After the last couple of years, I think a whole lot of us have a healthy respect for those "ominous season" predictions!

    Ayekah Did I tell you there is a 5 mp camera phone out there? I think I did. But it is not available as a free promotion.

    Sorry you missed the mission trip, but it might have been for the best, no? Maybe there will be another one you can make!

    Glad you are enjoying Jules' blog! I don't know why I did not point you to it sooner.

  6. Hey, thanks for the tip on the blogger blog role, I didn't know how you guys were doing that.

  7. Carrie Don't know how I helped, but I'm glad to have done so!

  8. Yup, it wasn't help as much as it was a wish.

    I love the blog rolls that keep you current on what other people have posted, I thought I could find it in blogger, but couldn't. I guess I'll be content with what I have ... I enjoy you site.

  9. Carrie Thanks! I did a post that might help with the blog roll thing.


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