Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduate Gator

This is a "not so great" cell phone shot of a forlorn gator in the lounge area of the local community college where I have been taking a class in Microsoft Excel. The class is offered to local businesses through some kind of state grant program. The bookkeeper in our office and I were the only two people to take advantage of this opportunity so we are the teacher's pets and will "graduate" as the top two in the class. Of course, we will also be the bottom two in the class. I suppose it is all a matter of perspective! I'm still putting in applications for civil service jobs and hoping eventually to convince someone to hire me. I am so ready to move on from the environment I am now in.


  1. Praying for an opening for you.

    Wow! You are so smart! Top 2 of your class!

  2. I like how that gator seems to be guarding the trash can...and stack chairs? Wonder if he holds an audience every so often...
    Me too, I've been praying for a new job for you!!

  3. I think that is a GREAT picture for a cell phone, why is there a gator in the community college area, and is he perched near the concession stand?

  4. Congratulations, Annie! Getting here a little late and catching up on all the Louisiana jokes. Four more days of school up here and I'll have a bit more time on my hands for surfing this box....

  5. That's pretty cool!

    I hope you find the right job soon.

  6. Pincess Teacher reminded us last week that we are also the bottom two in the class!

    Ayekah I think the poor gator wishes he were in a better place and yet he is helpless to do anything about it! Poor fellow!

    insane mama I think the poor gator was placed there after Hurricane Rita and has not yet been returned to his rightful place of honor. He used to be under the open staircase in the administration building which was destroyed in the storm.

    Jim I bet you are looking forward to the break!

    Rach Thanks!


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