Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Believe She's Done It!

"Really, it was a piece of cake!"

All the finals have been taken and it looks like she will be graduating May 17th with a degree in Criminal Justice, with almost enough hours for a double major in Sociology. She hopes to work for Probation and Parole. Statistics class almost did her in. She's a smart young woman, but she has always had a bit of a mental block about math. It took a little hard work and a teary-eyed talk with her young Chinese professor for her to make it through the class--and maybe more than a few prayers. We're glad she did.

She's been under a great deal of stress, and has not been feeling well the last few days so when an older man at the gas station told her she'd better stop talking on her cell phone or else she was going to blow herself up, she politely told him that was an urban legend. And when the old man would not let it go, she pulled up the Snopes website on her phone and walked over to the man and let him read for himself that she was in no real danger of blowing herself up. I think she might have been a little less patient with him than I would have liked, but I guess someone had to straighten the old fart out! Where she got her chutzpah, I do not know, but she certainly has it and I believe it will serve her well.

I'm very proud of her and we will be busy celebrating for a few days so I will be scarce around here.


  1. Congratulations to the both of you, Annie!

  2. Isn't that wonderful! Give her my biggest congratulations and I wish her well.

    As for where she gets her chutzpah? I think I might know...

  3. Many congrads and lots of hugs and pats on the back! Atta girl M!! Tell everybody about your new phone, that's worthy of a blog post I do believe!

  4. See it would have helped had I scrolled down and read the previous post...let me shut my mouth right now...and stop laughing at me, you know I hate it when you do that...

  5. Very cool! LOVE that picture. I still wear those shoes...only bigger. hee hee!

    I wish we were hiring here. She would no doubt fit right in!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS to you BOTH! What a great feeling for everyone!!

    And that photo is wonderful!

  7. I have always been fond of women with criminal justice degrees *grins*

    Yea for her! And for you!!

  8. Thanks Cynthia and Jim!

    Jules She has always had way more chutzpah than I have! I could take a few lessons from her!

    Ayekah Good idea, I'll tell everyone about my new phone! Bwaa Haahaaa!

    Ayekah Oh wait, I should have scrolled on down in the comments and I would have seen that you were awake and smelling the coffee!!!

    Rach I am sure she would fit right in with y'all! What I am NOT sure of is if that is a good thing!!

    Thanks Linda! It is indeed a good feeling!

    Princess Mindy I am so glad she stuck it out!

  9. wow, Congratulations! I always wanted to get into Criminal Justice.

  10. Thanks insane mama! Maybe it's not too late for you to get into Criminal Justice?


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