Saturday, November 01, 2008

A New Month

The beginning of November finds me with the task of attending yet another funeral for one of my son's friends. She leaves behind two small children, a boy who is three, and a girl who is only six months old. The father of the children is my son's best friend. Thankfully, the friend is a strong young man who pretty much has his act together. Both grandmothers are also actively involved in their lives too. They will provide some much needed support as well.

November is also National Blog Posting Month, so even though I have not officially signed up, I am making a commitment to myself to post something every day this month. I'm in a reflective mood these days so I don't know how this will turn out. I have several lists of journal prompts that I may draw from for subject matter and maybe on some days, I will just post a favorite quote or something.

I want to also slowly start catching up on some of my favorite blogs again. I have been "saving" the posts as unread in Bloglines and there are many to read through. I know I have missed some fun, thoughtful, goofy and intelligent stuff (I think that covers most of the personality types of the blogs I read!).

Many thanks to those of you who commented on the previous post. I appreciate the kind words and the spirit of support that was offered. I may not quite be "back", but I am stirring around a bit, and that is usually a fairly reliable indication of life (unless, of course, I am, like, just twitching involuntarily, in which case, you might want to ignore anything I say!).


  1. Just read your intro here and chuckled. It's good to have you back with us, Annie. I don't recall if you dropped by my site at the time, but I, too, about a month ago, thought perhaps it was time to "give up the ghost". It didn't last but a week with me, though; I need the mental exercise blogging affords me even if it does take me three days or so any more to put something together...

  2. So very sad about the young mom. Life can be just too unbelievably sad.

    Good to hear you're stirring, Annie. :)


  3. Stir away -- or twitch away -- whichever it is! ;-D
    (I'm just happy you're back.)

  4. Glad to see you up and twitching, the price of gas is down and I was fixing to pack up the car and make the road trip over there. Stirring can be good too...there's a lot to be said for stirring. I stir once in a while. How very sad for that young family.


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