Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Adventures in the Twilight Zone

NaBloPoMoWho??? I've definitely failed that task!

There are a couple of things I know that have distracted me from posting lately. One is that I feel downright bored and boring. Consequently, I am going to be tapering off my anti-depressant (with my doctor's approval). It seems to be my pattern that I get to where I need the medicine very badly, it works very well, and then becomes apparent that it is working too well because everything gets "dulled down" and "muted". It's like I can't feel anything anymore and I want my feeling back, even if "feeling" does not feel so good.

I worked Saturday on a painting/collage. I will post it when I am finished with it and can get a good picture of it. That's the other thing about being on an anti-depressant. My muse just disappears after a while. I've just decided, I think his name is Albert. If you see him wandering around anywhere, tell him to come back to me. I promise I will be nice and appreciative of him!

Christmas is barreling down on us like a freight train. I tend to get caught up in the expectations of the season, though probably like everyone else, things will be simpler this year. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe it will bring more reflection on the real meaning of the season.

I went to a new doctor this week. I pulled his name out of the list of people who were on my insurance plan. My old "new" doctor went and moved himself into the sleep clinic field. I am still mad at him about that. But this new "new" guy, well that was a trip. There was no one else in the waiting room when I got there. The receptionist was oozing enthusiasm about the doctor. "I think you'll like him," she said. Turns out, the man is her husband. They have six children, all home schooled, and they help out in the office too. I heard them talking to another patient, but I never SAW anyone else there but me. It felt a bit like walking onto a Twilight Zone set.

The doctor himself wants me to get off Diet Coke. I get the feeling he would want me to get off regular Coke if I was drinking that. He says the stuff is addicting and "you drink it to feel normal". He also says that even though it does not have that illegal stuff that was in it originally, the ingredients come from the same leaf, and that is not good (cue in the Twilight Zone music). It's no longer illegal, but it is not good, the stuff they put in there. I asked him if I could at least finish off what I have at home. He did not think that was too funny.

Of course I have to go do all the requisite blood work and then report back to him. I suspect the news will not be good on the blood work. I am getting to that age where all your bad eating habits seem to catch up with you. I suppose the good news is, I am still young enough to make changes that will benefit my health. I'm beginning to have scary little visions of returning for that followup visit. What if he is a nut job, and his wife is in on it with him? (Cue the Twilight Zone music again)

I'm kidding. Sort of.

Stay tuned for next week's episode. . .


  1. I think I might have been that other patient they were talking too... just sayin'. ha ha!

    A lot of people I've talked to/read say the same thing about anti-depressants. I'm glad you're working this out with your doctor. It still amazes me how creativity is all about chemistry. Natural or otherwise. It's just fascinating.

  2. Antidepressants are not a MUSE ing. I am a little sadder off of them right now, but not clinically bad enough to go back on them. What a rollercoaster, huh? I had visions of someone like Bree Hodge and her first husband that died (from Desperate Housewives) when you were describing the stepford clinic people. Perky and scary, little bit.

    PS I love the little word verification I got this time...scruedis. Heh Heh!

  3. Rach At least I would have been comfortable with your brand of "oddness"!!

    I'm just glad that I am not severely depressed, where I would have no other choice but to stay on the meds.

    Cynthia Nope, antidepressants are not a Musing ing. . .but your word verification certainly is. I must admit the first time I read it, I thought it sounded like a medical condition. Something like scruedis interruptus (with it being pronounced "screw dus"). Now that I see it again, I see where it could be used in a sentence like this, "Scruedis", I ain't taking no more antidepressants!

  4. I'm 67, Annie, and I don't "do" doctors. I quit the two heaping teaspoons of sugar in each cup of coffee about twenty years ago, but still drink possibly a dozen cups of black every day. They wanted to put me on Zocor for my cholesterol. I quit eating meat, for the most part, went to the health food store and take two different vitamins, and have seen good results from the regimen. To each their own, I guess, but I trust my own "inner sense" a whole lot more than the medical profession nowadays.......

  5. Great to hear from you again...

    Stay healthy!

  6. Umm.. Annie... I think you need to ask Santa for a new Doctor for Christmas. Preferably one that doesn't sound like he earned his degree from the Acme School of Quacks and Freaks. (sorry... I have never ever heard of a Doctor using THAT excuse to get someone to quit drinking sodas.)

  7. Hmmm... Annie, whatever his reason is, the diet drinks aren't good for you... :-) It's not so hard to give them up. I gave up sodas by only allowing myself to have one a week, and then I changed that to Root Beer (I figured if it was something that people could make at home it would be better for you than whatever is in coke or pepsi...) and just drink water or tea or black coffee now.

    Still ... I rolled at your twilight zone music ...

  8. I think you got the "Zone" part right, but not too sure about the darn Twilight part....get thee to another Dr!! Jiminy cricket.....that's a dang scary thing right there. Bet them kids are all clones....... :)

    My word verif. was ax is you axed for it.....

  9. I agree with Linda, soda is not good for you. We drink only micro brew soda (made with real sugar)for special events and parties. And I happen to like drs. with quirky ideas, it keeps life interesting.

  10. Soda is the devil's juice. Whatever vocabulary you use, it's bad for you and your new-new doc is right about that.

    Albert, huh? I was just wondering if muses have to be women and you answered that questions.


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