Thursday, November 06, 2008


I seem to have lost a couple of days in my posting schedule! Ah well, it just proves that I can be flexible when necessary.

We've got a preacher guy who shows up every semester to share his version of the gospel. He stands out in the quad and just preaches his heart out to whoever is passing by. I am amazed at his stamina and his ability to project his voice. You can hear him from quite a distance. He just goes on and on, like the Energizer bunny. I have mixed feelings about him being out there. The students seem to see him as an odd distraction. I would guess that a lot of them have never heard this kind of hell fire and brimstone preaching. The people who work on campus seem to see him as an annoyance. It seems they recently had to call campus police to come and stand by. The preacher had specifically pointed out a couple of girls and announced they were dressed like wh*res. Some in the crowd were ready to defend the honor of the girls by jumping on the preacher. They were going to "shoot the messenger", so to speak.

Yesterday, on our way to the library book sale, we passed by him. He was sitting on a bench. I know he was praying. I appreciate his sincerity and admire his fortitude, though I am not so sure about his method. I'd like to sit with him and hear more about his story.


  1. You have to admire people who believe that deeply. It would be hard for me to do that if God told me to go and do it.

  2. I guess I am more surprised that he's allowed on campus...

  3. We have loads of that type around here, well, in good weather at least. I'm always a bit curious about the groups that stand on the side of the road holding their Bibles up high with one hand, preaching ... yelling ... I don't know ... something ... at the traffic. And they always have their teenaged children with them, which makes me wonder how THEY feel about it all! I just don't know that it it really all that effective ... but, what do I know? I would be a bit put out with one who called names like that, though. That's just off limits.

  4. Mindy I suppose if God told you to go and do it, He would help you to do it. It's kind of shaky ground, but I also believe He gives us each different gifts and talents. I certainly probably (LOL) could not stand out there and preach either!

    Flutterby I think they have to get a permit to do it. He is not the only one who uses that area. It is kind of an open space for people to use.

    Linda I agree that there might be more effective methods to get the message across. And name-calling never has been a way to "win friends and influence people"!

  5. If the campus preacher made such remark to those young women, Annie, I would question just how much of his sermonizing comes from his own ego and how much from the heart of Christ.

  6. Yeah, ditto what Jim said........

  7. I like all of your comments, but you've all missed what was obviously the main idea of this entire post.

    Yaaaaaay! What did you get?

  8. Annie, you totally blew the nablo thing for the month.......LOL!! Just teasing! No, I am not. I want to get on my soapbox for the day....and here it do not belong in the grocery store unless accompanied by a woman (hopefully their wives). I am sorry, but they just don't. My trip today I must have encountered a half dozen bewildered looking men wandering about with a piece of paper looking all glassy eyed like they just landed on some foreign planet....well, by golly they did! End of rant......


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