Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mindless Blather

The month of NaBloPoMo has just begun and already I am mindlessly blathering on! Hopefully things will get better, and not worse as the month wears on!

Ok, so it is a phone photo, and I should not have tried to take a picture of something so far away with my phone but if you will click on the photo, you can see the curve of the bridge. I was too lazy this afternoon to open Photoshop and work on improving it. It is a very picturesque bridge. I've always been drawn to shapely bridges for some unknown reason.

We have been out of the loop for a while with church and three weeks ago, we started visiting a different one. I kind of like this one.

I have blog categories in my Bloglines list. Last night I read through blogs in my "photo" category and my "miscellaneous" category so if I commented on your blog and your blog is not really a "photo" blog, then you will know that I consider your blog to be difficult to peg into any normal category!! I've still got my "artsy-fartsy" and "faith" category to work through. The "faith" people are particularly prolific and often, their blogs require a little time to thoughtfully wade through. I may have to save them for next weekend to look through!

I'm wanting to do some artsy-fartsy work myself, but I need to pick up some supplies. My "crappy" brushes seem to have all been chewed up by the big dogs when they were here. I thought I had them put up far enough so they would not be in danger, but no, these dogs are talented. Grrr!!

I have to administer a serious test tomorrow. It is the first time I have had to do this and I am a bit nervous about doing it. Things have to be done just so and I am so afraid I am going to do something wrong. They are allotted four hours to complete the test but from what I have been told, it usually does not last that long. I have to bring a book to entertain myself (while also watching to make sure no one is cheating or anything). And I have to read instructions to them, like they are first graders. It is an important test for these students and I am sure they are all a bit nervous about it. I am too. It is some kind of counselor exam test.


  1. I laughed when I read the term "shapely bridges" -- and then I enlarged the photo and saw what you meant. That's a beauty, all right.

  2. Gorgeous bridge! Wow!

    I've given those tests before. As you probably no doubt already know, as long as you sound like you're in charge, it all works out fine.

  3. Your phone camera takes great pictures! Very cool bridge. I am sure you will do a dandy job with the test thing. They're probably more nervous than you are! :)


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