Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Write Because I Still Have Work To Do

I write to figure out what I am thinking.

I write to tell of the things I see. But I am subtle about it. I won’t come straight out and say what I see.  I want the reader to see what they see, not what I tell them to see. 

I write with a loose hand, knowing that when I let my words go, they are no longer mine, hoping that people will take from them what they need.

I write to record my version of the story, which will not be like any other person’s version because no one else has my eyes or ears.

I like when I have written something that resonates with others.

I don’t talk much so it seems I have to write.

I will probably never write in any professional capacity, though sometimes I dream of writing a book (but what would I write about?)

I got away from writing on my blog when I started hanging around on Facebook.  Then I started to feel like maybe I didn’t have much to say after all. And when I tried to think about writing on my blog, I started to imagine how goobery I might sound to people from my real life. I feel like I have found my tribe in those of you who still read my blog, like I have found a group of people with whom I share common traits and a common need, which is to write. Online tribes are very special and I am grateful for the sense of community. 

I am learning that I worry far too much about what other people think about what I am doing or saying. I am learning that it is okay for me to see what I see and feel what I feel. But It’s a long slow process.
It seems I still have quite a lot of work to do. . .


  1. I like your use of the term tribe. That feels right.

    And that is one nice lookin' set o' wrenches!

  2. Annie, you still write the best posts ever..... and yes, you always give me something to think about, that's for sure. And yeah, you still worry about what other people might think... might being the operative word here.... who cares.... you're right about the eyes and ears thing... I remember when D boy said to me, "you don't see what I see, you don't see the way I do." That came back to bite him, during a discussion and he said something and i said, you don't hear the way I do. :)
    I love your post.... we are off to a beaming start. Yes and we are SO tribal... what a good word!

  3. What Rach said.... what's up with the wrench? Did I miss a subtle meaning here....????

  4. "I write with a loose hand..."

    Love this imagery.

    You write well. Love this.

  5. Thanks, Rach! I don't know what it is about wrenches but I just love 'em! These were hanging on the patio at my parents' house.

    I'm trying to do better at letting go of what others might think, Ayekah! The wrenches are tools--I still have work to do.

    Thank you, Beth! I am so glad we are all writing a bit more these days!

  6. I am glad to be in your tribe. You make me feel comfy. I don't mind the construction, just dust me off every once in a while.

  7. Thanks, Cyn! I don't think you ever sit still long enough to get dusty!


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