Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. oh my gosh! I loooove the color and tone on this one.

  2. ooohhhhh this makes me want to sit right there and smell the wonderful sweet smells right there in that place.

  3. I want to sit there staring AND say something. Nice spot. I am going to make it a setting in one of my stories.

  4. Rach, it's an iPhone photo manipulated with an app. I can't remember which one I used!

    It would be a nice place to sit, Mindy, not too sure what kind of smells we might smell! (Barbecue would be nice!)

    Ok, Cyn, you sit there and talk! We will listen! It would make a good setting for a story!
    Gosh, that almost inspires me to write a story...oh, maybe a poem...that is shorter (and easier, in my book)!

  5. I love it..... from doors to chairs... <3 interesting transition.


Don't just sit there staring, say something!