Saturday, July 09, 2011


What happens when lines converge? We know if we swam or walked to the "end" of the lines in these photos, we'd still see the same two lines we see now, with the same convergence going out of the top of the photo. 

But look at the photos. Here we are at the beginning of the journey. We have a left and a right. We have an inside and an outside. If we were a boat or a train, we'd definitely have a right and a wrong. A train can't travel far when it is off the track (reminds me of one of my favorite "Little Golden" books, about Tootle, who has to take lessons on "staying on the track no matter what"). When we are young, we need to learn to make these distinctions. Friend? Stranger? Good behavior? Bad behavior? 

But when we are older, and if we grow wiser, we begin to realize that some of those distinctions are no longer as clear as they used to be, nor or they as necessary as they used to be. The lines that used to be so clear begin to blur. And then what happens?

I think freedom happens.  And self-acceptance, which leads to healthy self-love. When that happens I think you settle into an ease, with yourself, with the world, with the people closest to you, with your faith. I think the heart gets larger.

(I'm not quite there yet. It's one of the reasons I don't allow "annie" to be on Facebook. But I'm working with myself on that problem. I have the right to be who I am. I have the obligation and the responsibility to be who I am.)


  1. Annie, you are on facebook... those of us who know you... hear you loud and clear some days. Our hearts do grow larger and many of the things we think are important when we a younger, no longer matter.... and we are wiser, and we love ourselves more and we recognize ourselves for who we are.. not who we used to think we should be.

  2. Great work, Annie! I think you are right about freedom and maturity and blurring lines.

    Absolutely right.

    And I love the photos.

  3. Thanks, AyekahOne of these days, I am going to get annie and Diane integrated (along with all the others as well...JK)!

    Thanks, Rach, believe me, it's all a process!

  4. I love how your brain works. I love your words and your photos.


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