Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OMG - A Snippet From One of My Recent Days

I work in the Psychology Department of our local university as an administrative assistant. This all actually happened one day last week and I was emailing a friend a "blow by blow" description of the event as it was unfolding. The counselor was in with another client so it was just me and this woman in the office. Here is the note. There are no names named in order to protect the innocent. In fact, this might not have happened. I might  have dreamed it, or I might have made the whole story up.

Here is how it went:

There is a woman in our office right now, a client waiting her turn for gambling counseling.

She has:

Helped herself to the office phone to call her pastor to pray for her.

Taken over my phone book to find a home health service place she is looking for to apply for a job.

Called two home health service places to talk about coming in to apply.

Asked me to get online with the LA Employment Service (I did manage to point her to the student computer, which she is now using like it is hers and she is in her own personal office--oh, she says, "I should have asked if you were busy.")

Asked me to print TWO copies of her resume. (After I told her I had to put a code in for her to print, and she says, "to stop students from printing stuff?" Umm, yeah, you got it lady. I am not supposed to let people print stuff here. )

And I can't tell her no!!!

And now she says "Uh-oh, I got a problem. I changed one of my references and I need to reprint."

I went over and put the code in and she says "I bet you saying I know this woman got a problem. I bet you wish I'd leave you alone."

Me? I said "Oh no, ma'am, problems happen to all of us sometimes."

Didn't have the heart to tell her I was recording the event for posterity as it happened.

I think I need to grow me some balls.

But I was being all empathic.

And she did tell the counselor how helpful I'd been.

And the counselor also confirmed that I was helpful.

I still think I need to grow me some balls.


  1. Haha! That's great! Uh-oh - I need to reprint. hee! Sounds like maybe you calmed her down a bit, which no doubt made things easier for the counselor! I think the counselor owes you a big Dr. Pepper.

  2. Uh, I'm just glad she didn't ask for help in the toilet stall. "Could you get me a pad, miss?" Home health care might not be her calling.

  3. Rach Yeah, they tell me I am good at "setting the stage" for them to go into their sessions! We have one woman who comes early every time and she and I do small talk while she waits.

    Cyn, when I was telling the department head about my morning, she said we needed to tell the counselor so she would know this woman needed clear boundaries. I think it just might have been a fluke this time. Can't wait to see how she does next time!

  4. I had a woman come in once who needed to use the restroom. She walked by the front desk where we had pizza laying out for the employees and she helped herself to a slice on the way in to the restroom. On the way back out, she stopped to ask if I could get her a cup of water "to go".

    I grew some balls that day. I said ever so sweetly, "Ma'am, this ain't Quick Trip - it's a business."

  5. I can't stop laughing.... I think I wet my pants..... that was so good, it was just like being there..... oh dang....

  6. Julie, were you sort of surprised when you grew 'em and said that to her? I usually am when something like that happens to me!

    Lori I saw her again today. She was a little more reserved. Unfortunately I was on the way out the door so I don't know what might have happened had I been in there with her!

  7. Maybe you could just rent you some balls and keep them in your desk drawer.

    No is really not a bad word. ~grins~

  8. I thought I had a set of those Chinese cloissinne` (spelling?) relaxing balls around somewhere. I should keep a pair of them in my desk! Sometimes I know no is really not a bad word! I wish I knew that better! I'm working on it!


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