Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weather Vanes and Decision Making

I know a lot of people aren't bothered with this problem at all. I am trying to learn not to be bothered with it but it is a hard habit to break.

I've been thinking about reopening my Etsy shop. On the one hand, I'm telling myself I need to take myself seriously and on the other hand I am telling myself I shouldn't take myself too seriously. After that brilliant discussion, my inner gremlins start coming out of the woodwork and they tell me all kinds of ugly things!

I just have to get a little balance and make a few decisions. It doesn't have to be perfect right from the start. Does it (raising weather vane in the air)? It is probably quite natural that things would evolve gradually.

Anyway, I've been thinking. Let's hope all the thinking eventually leads to action!


  1. Here's to using our brains instead of our fingers...at least for sticking in the air.

  2. The Does it bit cracks me up - I can relate.

    Love Cyn's advice.


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